BRB Subscription Data Products

When it comes to knowledge of public records access, BRB has the most comprehensive databases in the U.S. BRB Publications believes the value of data subscription products is measured by the depth of the content as well as the accuracy and currency.

BRB Data is Essential For:

  • Pre-employment Screening and Compliance
  • Background Investigations
  • Locating People and Assets
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Understanding Motor Vehicle Records
  • Online Research

With a few simple keystrokes, you can navigate rivers of data and find the right answers to enhance your productivity. BRB Subscriptions provide invaluable details that go well beyond a Google search.

Subscriber Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited Access
  • Multiple Users Can Share the Log-in
  • Data is Constantly Updated
  • Time and Money Savings
  • Resources to Make You a Public Record Expert

The Public Record Research System - PRRS

PRRS is the ultimate public record resource! In seconds, subscribers learn how to access public records directly from 28,000+ government agencies and institutions at the county, state, and federal levels. Subscribers gain the know-how for all access methods (including online searches), indexing and search requirements, restrictions, and fees. The Courts Section informs you, for most courts, when online searching is equivalent to onsite research.

PRRS consists of 7 individual BRB databases and each is offered on an ALA Carte basis as well:

  • State, County, and Local Courts
  • Federal Courts and Record Centers
  • State Agencies
  • County Recorders & Assessors Offices
  • Occupational Licensing Boards
  • College and Universities
  • LOCUS: Zip Code - County - Place Name

You can upgrade and order both PRRS and CRS (see below) for a small additional fee.

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Criminal Record Sources - CRS (CRS) is the authoritative reference for criminal records in the U.S. CRS provides the pros and cons of searching different record repositories, and is your information source for: (Where) The locations of criminal records - from both government agencies and vendors; (How) The ways criminal records can be directly accessed; and (Accuracy) The manner in which the accuracy and value of a criminal record varies by location.

CRS features an Equivalency Matrix, which rates the accuracy and thoroughness of state judicial and repository online systems on a 1 to 5 basis to indicate if results are equivalent to an onsite search. CRS also contains links to over 100 unique federal search sites, including sanctions and watch lists.

You can upgrade and order both PRRS and CRS (see below) for a small additional fee.

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Special Combination Package - PRRS and CRS

PRRS and CRS do have many similarities. Click on the Comparison Table below to view and compare the data provided in each subscription. The fee for this Combination Subscription Package is $199.95, which is more than 25% off the total price if purchased separately.

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CRA Helpdesk - State Rules

Written and kept up-to-date by one of the nation’s leading employment law attorneys, the State Rules Register is a unique online guide to state laws that impact CRAs (consumer reporting agencies) and their clients (hiring managers and property managers).

Compliance with a myriad of state laws requires constant attention to adhere to the continuous stream of ongoing changes mandated by state legislation. The State Rules Register is an easy-to–use resource that is written in "Plain English."

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The National Directory of Local Onsite Record Retrievers and Record Vendors

This is the "who's who" of public record professionals. Find details on any one of the 1,650+ local researchers. Create your own nationwide network of on-site document retrieval specialists. Additonal conmtent provides detailed profiles of other vendors including Gateways, Data Aggregators, Employment Screening Firms and Tenant Screening Firms. Search by state and by record category.

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Motor Vehicle Access and Decoder Digest

The online version of the The MVR Access and Decoder Digest is a comprehensive reference source of DMV regulations, state conviction code tables, and record access (driver and vehicle) procedures in all 50 states. Have an out-of-state MVR with violation codes? You can quickly decode MVRs . . . in practical terms . . . in just seconds!

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SSN Validator and Death Index

The SSN Validator-Web provides cost effective assurance of verifying identity and fighting fraud. Simply enter the 9-digit SSN and you will know within seconds if the number is valid. BRB's SSN Validator also identifies the year and state of issue - a geographical clue to when and where the individual obtained the SSN. Added features include batch loading PLUS a simultaneous search of the U.S. Death Index (current as of 8/20/2013).

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Guide to Private Investigator State Licensing Laws

Besides explaining each state's PI licensing process and requirements for each state, this online tool also interprets PI Licensing Laws regarding CRAs. Users of this Guide learn which states require a CRA to have a PI license or if there is an ‘it depends which services are offered' law. The Guide is kept up-to-date and users are informed of any changes to pertinent laws.

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If you have questions about any of our database products, or if you would like a free trial, please call us at 800-929-3811 or email us