The Manual to Online Public Records - 3rd Edition - OUT OF PRINT


The MASTER GUIDE to Researching Public Records and Public Information Online

The Chapters in The Manual to Online Public Records will lead you to many, many diverse and accurate sources of records. The goal of this manual is to provide resources, facts, and best practices you can use to improve your business operations or your public record searching.

The information in this book goes well beyond a discussion of what is merely found online; it dissects many facets and techniques about finding detailed information on people and businesses. The authors share their expertise for conducting online and database research to uncover well-hidden facts and secrets:

  • Evaluate! How to evalute online sites and online vendors; how to spot "red flag" sites with little value.
  • Tap Into Social Networks Discover advanced strategies to search Social Network sites for hard-to-find public information.
  • Insider Secrets! Learn the best online resources by topic with Insider Searching Tips.
  • Save Money! Know what is available for a fee - and what is FREE!
  • Find Private Sources! The nation's elite public record vendors are conveniently categorized to help you find the right source for the right search.

This useful resource is applicable not only to intelligence, security, and investigation professionals, but also to everyday consumers looking for a primary "how to" resource for performing online research.

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