Effective Pre-employment Screening Practices: All Four Audio-CDs

Published: January, 2007
ISBN: Audio CD

Price: $22.00


Avoid Costly Employment Errors and Protect Your Business!

Effective Pre-employment Screening Practices is a valuable set of audio disks that provide management techniques essential for developing and maintaining company hiring policies. A bonus disk containing valuable screening forms is also included.

Effective Pre-employment Screening Practices is designed for small to mid-size companies . . . especially those without a HR Department. This powerful reference is designed to help you avoid costly employment errors and protect their businesses. The Package Set contains 4 disks:

Disk 1. Employment Screening What, Why & How

  • Appropriate use of an Applicant/Resume Evaluation Form.
  • Components of a pre-employment background check including the appropriate use of-
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Criminal Histories
    • Motor Vehicle Records
    • Civil Record Searches
    • Professional Licensing, Accreditations, and Registrations

Disk 2. The Application Process

  • What you should not ask on an employee application.
  • The appropriate use of Consent, I-9, and Applicant Release Forms.
  • How to manage verifications of employment, references and education.
  • How to properly inform applicants that are not hired.

Disk 3. The New Hire and Employee Management

Reviews the orientation process for new employees including the effective use of -

  • The Employee Induction Form
  • New Employee Record Chart
  • Employee Data Sheet
  • Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreements
  • Key components of effective performance reviews, rewards and if necessary exit interviews.

Disk 4. BONUS CD Pre-employment Screening Forms Package

  • A comprehensive library of 25 pre-employment screening forms.
  • Contains all the forms reviewed in the three audio tapes.
  • Each form is available in a PDF and Word format.

Single disks are also available for $9.95 each.

ATTN: Pre-employment Screening Companies

These disks are also available packaged as a business premium. We place your logo on the product package label an on each disk. Also included on the product packaging is your contact information. An ideal gift for your valued clients and an effective way to keep your name in front of your customers.

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