2018 MVR Access and Decoder Digest

Published: November, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9885636-7-4

Pages: 832

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The Authoritative Resource for Professionals Using Motor Vehicle Records

How to Obtain the Following Information From Each State:

  • Driving Records, Driver License Status Checks
  • Accident Reports
  • Vehicle Title, Lien, and Registration Records
  • Watercraft Title, Lien, and Registration Records
  • Driver Monitoring Programs

How To Read Driving Records:

  • What Data is Reported (or Not Reported) on Records
  • Each State's Conviction Code Table, Including Withdrawal Codes, Point Systems, Statutes
  • Key Facts About States' Reciprocity on Reporting Convictions and Accidents
  • Medical Certification Requirements

Record Regulations Placed on Commercial Drivers and Commercial Vehicles:

  • Current (2017) ACD Code Table (AAMVA Conviction/Withdrawal Code Dictionary)
  • CDL Record Keeping and Retention by State of Record
  • Mandatory CDL Disqualification Standards
  • Mandatory CDL Restrictions Standards
  • Medical Certification Reporting Requirements
  • SMS Motor Carrier Data and Violation Tables (BASICs)

Plus Extensive Coverage of These Topics:

  • License Format, Issuance and Renewal - Including State Compliance with Real ID Act
  • Document Appearance
  • All License Classes
  • Issue and Renewal Facts
  • Insurance and Financial Responsibility Facts
  • Alcohol and Chemical Testing
  • Suspensions and Revocations
  • Accident Reporting Rules
  • Plate Descriptions
  • Registration and Renewal
  • Inspections and Emissions Testing
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