State Occupational Licensing Boards

License or Credentials Verification

The licensure and enforcement of regulated occupations and professions is often a matter of public record. BRB Publication’s database of occupational licensing boards lists over 8,750 individual job titles or businesses that are administered for licensing, registration or certification.

Some level of online searching exists for names and even enforcement actions on over 5,500 occupations or businesses. These free links are provided below.

Note, if you are a professional who is researching and using public records on a daily basis, we suggest you consider a free evaluation of the Public Record Research System. This service has extensive information for all 8,750 job title locations.

But if you are merely looking for a free online Name Search from a Licensing Board (only 55% of the Boards provide a free name search), using the links below will certainly help you.

Please choose a state from the list to begin your search: